Well, it has been quite the week. Orcas got enough snow to shut the school down for five days. We had to resort to the Navy for a few medical evacuations. Roads went from snow covered to ice and have now turned to slush.  Thankfully, the County road crew has been out in force clearing all the drain covers, so the rapidly melting snow is not causing flooding.

Town is once again full as folks are finally able to drive, and are busily restocking their groceries and libations. Everyone I have run into today has stories of a neighbor who helped clear pathways, cut up trees, or repair frozen pipes. We like to pitch in. We also all apparently turn to baking when housebound. The number of cookies, cakes, and pies that were made rivals the Holiday baking frenzy! I suspect we all may have added a few pounds to our weight this week.

Hopefully, we will return to reality this next week. The 2019 GiveOrcas Kick off meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 21st from 3:30 – 5 PM at the Parish Hall. If you or your organization is considering applying for a GiveOrcas grant this round, please join us to learn about the process and timeline. Grant application and guidelines are available here.

I hope wherever you are this weekend, you are safe and warm.

All the best,