Bulk Mail Permit

OICF allows nonprofits serving Orcas to ‘borrow’ our USPS bulk mail permit. The post office asks that we work with organizations to help prepare the bulk mailing, and an OICF representative must present the mailing at the Post Office with a nonprofit representative.


Please read below and contact OICF if you are interested in this opportunity.

1. Check with the Eastsound Post Office to determine if your nonprofit is a USPS “approved” nonprofit. If not, ask for the form to you need to become USPS “approved.” The PO will not accept your bulk mail if your nonprofit is not on their list.

2. Determine if you will send an all-island mailing, or if you will have specific addresses on your mail pieces. If it is an all-island mailing, use the USPS online tool to determine how many pieces you’ll need per zip code. If your mailing has addresses, make sure to include “Address Service Requested” in the proper place.

3. Draft a sample of your mail piece and bring an example to the Eastsound Post Office to check that everything looks OK.

4. Print your mail and prepare the mailing.

5. Pick up enough bulk mail bins at the Eastsound Post Office to organize your mailing by zip code. OICF has the bin lables.

6. Count out the number of mail pieces for each zip code:

  • Deer Harbor
  • Orcas
  • Olga PO Boxes
  • Olga delivery
  • Eastsound Rural Route 1
  • Eastsound Rural Route 2
  • Eastsound H001
  • Eastsound PO Boxes
  • non-Orcas mail

7. If you are doing an all-island mailing, download and prepare PS Form 3602-N in the highlighted areas. Contact us with any questions.

8. If you have an address on your mail pieces, download and complete PS Form 3602-NZ in the highlighted areas. Contact us with any questions.

9. Make an appointment with an OICF representative to meet you at the Eastsound Post Office to present your mailing. The PO receives bulk mailings before noon only, and you will need a check to pay for your mailing (they don’t take credit cards for bulk mailings).