Grant Guidelines

Grant applications for the 2021 GiveOrcas grant cycle must be submitted online by Friday, March 4, 2022.


Application materials for the upcoming cycle are available here. If you have questions email us.

Grant Application – Spring 2022

OICF’s mission is to “foster philanthropy to enhance the quality of life on Orcas Island.” OICF’s GiveOrcas spring campaign, together with our GiveOrcas holiday campaign, is one way we try to build awareness about the good work you do in our community, and raise funds to support your programs. With 100+ nonprofits on Orcas, not every organization can be included in every cycle. Our hope is to strengthen as many organizations as possible. Consider this application an opportunity to showcase your organization and enhance awareness of the important work you do to make Orcas Island a healthy, vibrant community.

Important Updates to the OICF Grant Process

Grant requests should be no greater than $25,000; if you have needs that require more funding please contact OICF. While all grant applications will be considered, OICF will prioritize proposals based the following criteria:

  • Does the proposal address a specific need?
  • What is the likelihood for success of the proposal?
  • Is there duplication of services offered on Orcas for this service/request?
  • Does the proposal serve a large number of islanders?

OICF will consider applications that cover part of a nonprofit’s critical or general operating funds. OICF wishes to help nonprofits become healthy, effective, and efficient—and be good stewards of community resources. We will likely not consider multiple requests in the same cycle, unless your organization serves as a fiscal sponsor for program(s).

All application questions have a 1000 character limit. Please stay within this limit and remember that an OICF Grants Committee member will interview you and you’ll be able to elaborate on the details of your request at that time.

2022 Grants Checklist and Schedule

  • The 2022 Grant Application package must be received no later than Friday, March 4, 2022, including:
  • Completed Word doc application, saved as pdf
  • Completed online application, including an image
  • Additional materials for if request is over $3,500
  • Applications will be reviewed in late March. A knowledgeable contact person from your organization should be available from March 10–25. A member of the grants committee will contact your organization to schedule a meeting and site visit, if applicable.
  • spring catalog will be open for donations May 2–16; your organization should plan to actively partner with OICF to advertise your request and recruit donations.
  • Grant recipients will be notified in late May.
  • Grant reports for 2022 grants are due January, 2023.  All successful proposal of $10,000 or more will meet with a committee member and OICF board or staff member mid-year to discuss the progress of the project and the impact of your efforts.

What types of projects are funded?

  • One time, non-recurring expenditures, specific capital needs, and project-related expenses for programs are given equal consideration.
  • Part of a nonprofit’s general operating funds if the applicant can demonstrate compelling need.

Reporting Guidelines

All reporting requirements are included with the letter of notification; grant reports are due January, 2022. Successful proposals of $10,000 or more will meet with a committee member and OICF board or staff member mid-year to discuss the progress of the project and the impact of your efforts.


Please email us or call 360-376-6423.