Fostering philanthropy to enhance and preserve the quality of life on Orcas Island.
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The Orcas Island Community Foundation (OICF) was founded in 1995 to help build and strengthen our community by encouraging and supporting local philanthropy and by connecting people and organizations who want to make a difference by improving the quality of life on Orcas Island.


In early 2022, CF Insights Columbus Survey released their rankings for 2020.

Nationally, OICF is ranked #1 out of 207 community foundations for per capita gifts with a rate of $1,267. That represents an annual distribution rate of 29% of our assets, ranking us 4th in that category. You can view the full list here. 

OICF is hiring a Financial Manager

This year’s Campaign is bigger than ever, consisting of 24 local wishes totaling $233,850. Over $100,000 larger than last year.

GiveOrcas graphic with heart on island

Congratulations to ALL OF YOU!

We ended the 2022 Spring GiveOrcas Campaign on an extremely high note. You fully funded all 27 proposals with 672 donors contributing $374,171. Impressively, 266 of you were first time donors. Orcas, you continue to always amaze us. Thank you to our nonprofit partners, grants committee volunteers and our donors.

Annual Report with Village Photo

Working Together. Helping Each Other.

Take a look at our Annual Report. It’s full of pictures, some great stories of how our community jumped into action during the pandemic and lots of great stats. We all had the opportunity to pitch in and most of us also reached out for help. Working together. Helping each other. We are getting through it.

Lance and Janet at OIEF Auction


Learn how to donate to a fund, how to set one up, the funds that we have and much more.

OISD Art Class


Learn about capacity building, annual grants awarded, GiveOrcas and other resources we offer.

Seniors in a computer class

Community Resources

Learn about some of the resources that are available to the members of our community.

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Welcome Home.

We are delighted to have you as a neighbor and look forward to getting to know you. 

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to the Orcas Island Community Foundation (OICF). This Packet gives you a brief look into the community, the work of OICF and the local nonprofits. We encourage you to stop by our office to say hi.

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Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to the Family!

The Flat Person Family!   Food Bank Director Amanda Sparks is the 2022 GiveOrcas Flat Person, serving as the ambassador for the GiveOrcas Holiday Campaign. Welcome to the family, Amanda! 17 people guessed she was the one, and Tom Eversole won the $500 prize,...

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More Goodbyes

More Goodbyes

This week brought the news that Sam Coleman had died after a brief illness. He was home in Pasadena surrounded by Cynthia and their children. Sam was an OICF Board Member for several years. He also served on the Orcas Center Board. But his true love was music, and he...

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