Why Choose OICF?

When the community faces new challenges, one of the first steps for many is to connect to OICF.


When the Orcas Community Resource Center needed beds for three families that had recently gone from homeless to housed, they called OICF. When Orcas Recycling Services needed to rebuild The Exchange, they reached out to OICF to manage the funds. When the Food Bank needed a new generator and refrigerator, they asked OICF. When the Senior Center needed support for expanding services; when the school district needed additional counseling services, computers, and equipment; when APS needed funding to transport Hurricane Harvey dogs… you got it — they reached out to OICF.

Last year, OICF had 1,357 friends and neighbors invest in and through us. We also awarded 769 grants. All of this significantly benefited our island because having an active and healthy Community Foundation is a benefit to the entire community.


Why choose OICF?

Because we are here for the community when it matters. Because we are ready and able to help.