Capacity Building

We define capacity building as any service that enhances an organization’s internal effectiveness at achieving its mission sustainably, in other words, services which strengthen the foundation or “engine” of the organization, not its specific programs.


View a list of OICF current capacity building assets.

Why is Capacity Building Important?

A healthy non-profit sector is vital to the quality of life in our community. A focus on capacity building represents a commitment to a vibrant ‘third sector’ in our community. Non-profits comprise the cornerstone of the ‘third sector’, creating a space where citizens can convene to address fundamental problems and opportunities for the creation of a more harmonious society. Locally, the many nonprofits on Orcas present a variety of capabilities and needs. OICF’s capacity building program will help contribute to the capacity of all of these organizations at a scale relevant to their operations. We can assist with the following

  • Help organizations more efficiently meet local needs by managing their own organizational needs
  • Help the community allocate resources more efficiently especially in important sectors such as health care
  • Help attract additional donor capacity, both from island donors and grant-making foundations
  • And Capacity Building was a passion of Bob Henigson’s, and as one of the Henigson gift recipients, OICF’s focus in this area will honor Bob’s legacy

OICF’s Capacity Building Vision

Our vision for non-profit Capacity Building on Orcas includes:

  • All island NPOs are aware that OICF is a capacity building resource
  • OICF is knowledgeable about the NPOs capacity building needs and designs responsive services to meet them
  • OICF is staffed to meet these needs in a timely manner
  • OICF uses volunteer professionals skilled in capacity building to extend its reach
  • OICF measures the effectiveness of the capacity building work and adjusts practices as NPO and community needs shift over time

OICF’s Capacity Building program will enable island NPOs to more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of islanders, helping NPOs, citizens and the community at large to thrive.