The Give Orcas Holiday Catalog launches this Monday. There are 18 catalog items supporting a wide variety of community programs.  Here is a link to a sneak preview of this year’s catalog- As always, Kate has several games to keep it fun and engaging.  The first is guessing who this years’ Flat Person is.

What is a Flat Person, you ask?  Each year, we pick a person to be the ambassador of the Holiday Catalog and make a life sized photographic cutout of the person (which is flat, hence the name).  We keep the identity of the person under wraps and invite folks to guess who it could be, sprinkling hints during the week.  Everyone who guesses correctly is entered into a raffle and the winner receives $500 for the Catalog program of their choice.

  • Hint #1-This person is never one to shy away from sharing their opinion.
  • Hint #2-Likes creatures from field mouse to tiger, just don’t mention a spider.

Make your guess at  through Monday.   The Big Reveal is Tuesday the 4th.  Who could it be????  More hints will be forthcoming on the OICF Facebook page.

Please swing by our Open House tonight if you are in Eastsound.  All the offices in our building will be open and we would love to see you.  3-6 pm at 33 Urner St.

Have a great weekend!