I ‘m back! I had a great couple of weeks, hiking the desert with Hank, three days with the Asset Development Alliance in Boston and then three days with Ry soaking in the brilliant fall colors in New England. Happily back on Orcas enjoying the slide into the damp and cozy season.

The Veteran Navigators returned to Orcas to assist vets in signing up for services. This is one of the new programs that the Community Resource Center is organizing. Over 50 veterans were served during the last visit.

On Tuesday the School District will honor veterans with an open assembly at 9:30 in the High School. This has become a great tradition complete with music from the Community Band, speakers and k-12 student participation. If you have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it as it is a very moving community event.

Thank you to all who voted this week. With over 81% of registered voters participating, San Juan County was second only to Garfield County for highest voter turn out in Washington State. Way to go!  View the election results.

Hope you have a good weekend.