One of the joys of living in a small community is that you get to know so many people. I have especially enjoyed watching the youth of Orcas grow into adulthood and seeing what sparks their passion. It seems that Orcas is fertile ground for many to blossom.
One such child is Paris Wilson. Paris is passionate about music. She started playing the violin at a young age and has not stopped.  She is continually striving to learn and reach, which earned her a performance at Carnegie Hall this year.
Thanks goes in part to Pamela Wright, one of the music teachers at OISD who was so excited about a youth strings program that she volunteered her time and scheduled a beginning strings class during the ‘zero’ hour. Imagine, offering to get to school at 7 am to teach a room full of beginning violinists–bravery beyond the call! Thanks to the Music Advocacy Group for fostering the music program and to the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival  group for providing Master Classes for all interested students, including Paris.
Paris is now wanting to ‘pay it forward.’  She has organized a concert this coming Weds, July 18th at the Orcas Center. She will be joined by a stellar group of musicians. All the proceeds from the event will be donated to the Orcas Community Resource Center. What a lovely gift. If you are interested in attending, tickets are available at
Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards making Orcas a great place to grow up. And thank you, Paris, for making our hearts sing!