The generosity of this community is breathtaking. 

The 2019 Give Orcas campaign has reached the final day. We did indeed meet and then beat my goal of 500 donors and are are now at 572 donors who have contributed over $209,000, fully funding 11 proposals. THANK YOU! Of the 15 proposals that remain open, six are at 85% or more funded, and I anticipate that those will be fully funded by the end of the day, as donations are still coming in at a fast pace!

GiveOrcas provides an opportunity to connect you to the causes you care about and to introduce you to some new ones that just might capture your heart. It is a full-blown community wide effort to help the many programs that provide the services that make this place such a great place to call home. I am so grateful to all who have given this year.

Our goal is to have every proposal be fully funded by the end of the campaign. For organizations that have a strategy and the capacity for engaging their networks, we see their proposals gain traction right away, while others find the experience somewhat challenging. OICF provides the platform, training and support to help all organizations develop the skills needed to be successful both in the campaign and with their own outreach efforts going forward. In that way Give Orcas serves as both a grantmaking and capacity building program.

It succeeds, thanks to YOU. Hope to see you at the Celebration on Wednesday, May 22 from 4 – 6 PM at the Parish Hall.