I received a call from a community member this week. They had received the Patagonia catalog which featured youth activists focused on climate change. This person wanted to know if there were any students on Orcas who were engaged in this work.Yes, indeed. Arla Sutton and Birdie Greening–both High School Seniors and co-chairs of the Environmental Club–planned an event at the Village Green to coincide with the Climate Strikes that occurred around the globe on September 20.

The caller then asked if the club could use some financial support to further their efforts. I spoke to Arla, and she quickly explained that they had a goal to move the school cafeteria away from using plastic utensils for all food service. They had spoken to the school administration and figured that the transition would cost approximately $2500 annually (both to purchase metal utensils and for the additional staffing required to wash them).

Moved by the passion of these students and their desire to make a difference, the caller committed $2500 annually for five years.  Any funds that are not used for the utensils will be used to make other changes to further sustainable practices at the school. In addition, the Environmental Club will receive $2500 annually for five years for the students to use for activities, events, and other opportunities to enhance environmentally friendly practices.

I am so grateful to be able to connect these folks and for the passion and commitment of all involved. This is how change happens. One small step from each of us collectively moves the world.

Have a great weekend-