There is a great deal of discussion about the coronavirus. Read what the San Juan County team recommends here. I appreciate the thoughtful and reasoned approach. While I hope that the virus will miss us, it would be wise to be prepared in case it does not. I figure whatever supplies are put up now will allow me to avoid the busy ferry or grocery lines this summer, or can be saved for a good old storm next winter.

Clearly, the impacts of a possible pandemic are already being felt, as witnessed by the stock market reaction this week. It can be quite a challenge for our peer foundations that rely solely on market gains to provide grant funding. Those gains often vanish just as community needs rise in a market downturn. I am grateful that OICF has developed a grant making program that responds well in a time of crisis. The GiveOrcas campaign is a great tool for focusing funding on programs that the community relies on for basic needs. The next cycle begins in March, with the online Campaign launching in April.

Sunday, March 1st, the Music Advocacy Group (MAG) is hosting their annual Community Concert, from 3-5 in the High School gymnasium. This event is sure to warm your heart, set your toes tapping, get you humming along and make you appreciate just what a loving community we live in. Check out the line up of performers here. MAG has worked tirelessly to ensure music is woven into the education of every student at the public school. If you are unable to attend this Sunday’s concert but still want to support their efforts, you can make a donation here.

I hope your daffodils are starting, wherever you are!