This past year has brought some new programs to OICF. Meagan Neal, OICF’s Community Outreach Coordinator, launched Hive as a way to connect and collaborate with Orcas Island’s next generation of community-minded visionaries and leaders.

Hive is a small group of 20-40ish-year-olds who share a goal of philanthropic and community engagement and connection with the island’s younger residents. They focus on showcasing what life is like for younger community members, how to get involved with nonprofit organizations, and offering (when safe to do so) social events to help foster relationships with each other. Hive’s mission is to inspire change, progress, and most of all continue on with the neighborly love that drew us all to this community. As the island continues to change, Hive can help keep our next generation of Millennials (plus or minus a few years) inspired to be a part of this community.

In an effort to display to the community their dedication to engaging the next generation of philanthropists on the island, Hive will be sponsoring a game day for the Spring GiveOrcas campaign, with a “honey pot” of fundraised dollars from the Hive Fund awarded to the game day winner. For more information, check out their Instagram @hive_orcas and Facebook page Orcas Hive. Hive is all about promoting participation in some meaningful way in the life of our community; it’s not about the number of monetary resources someone can contribute.

As Spring dawns this weekend, there is a growing sense of renewal and reawakening. As we move into this new phase, let’s double down on our consideration of each other. It has been a long winter for all and gentleness toward each other can help us re-emerge into the light.

All the best,