I am delighted to announce that Ed Andrews has joined the staff at the Community Foundation. He will be heading up our communications efforts and helping with general administration. Ed has served on the OICF Board for the past several years so his knowledge of and passion for our work is deep. He will bring great energy to the team and we are looking forward to continuing to work with him.

The GiveOrcas campaign is off to a fantastic start. Wednesday was Ben Franklin Game Day, where an additional $1000 was given to the organization that garnered the greatest number of $100 donations. Congratulations to the Orcas Senior Center. One lucky donor also got their donation ‘boosted’ by $1000 and that gift went to the Salmonberry School. All in all, 297 donations were made, raising over $53,000 that day alone. As of May 7th, seven proposals have been fully funded! Way to go, Orcas! Of course, there are still several great programs available if you would like to contribute at www.giveorcas.org.

The Hive (OICF’s cohort of younger community members focused on connecting and engaging with the community) is sponsoring Neighbor Days over the weekend. Post an image and a message about your good neighbor or something you have done to be a good neighbor on social media with #NeighborDay and you will be put into a drawing for the honeypot. The top prize is $1000 for the proposal of your choosing, the second prize is $500, and the third is $250. So generous!

All of this success is a fitting farewell to Kate Long. She has spent a decade building the GiveOrcas model, helping to raise millions of dollars for so many community programs. As she moves onto her next chapter we have nothing but gratitude for her efforts in helping to expand community philanthropy.

Have a great weekend,