We are so very grateful for all each of you does for this community and beyond.

In the EMS world, we speak of the ‘Chain of Survival.’ It is the concept that surviving an accident or injury requires a series of individuals and skills such as assessment, transport, and treatment linked together to create the chain for recovery. If one link is missing the chain falls apart.

I think of Orcas in a similar way. Each person, each program, each organization is a link in the chain of this community. Every time you donate, volunteer, or help a neighbor you strengthen that chain. Working together, linking together, we ensure the chain stays strong. Thank you for doing your part.

The Team at OICF wishes you all a lovely Thanksgiving.
(Pictured above: OICF Board–Berto Gandara, Susan Alter, Judy Scott, Paul Sheridan, Steve Jung, Joe Thoron, Lynnette Wood, Susan Singleton, Lisa Steckley, Diane Berreth, John Carl, and Ed Andrews. Missing from the photo–Mary Clure, Jeff Pietsch, and Marcia West. OICF Staff–Hilary Canty, Kate Long, Megan Neal, and Jennifer Wallace.)