OICF Board tour of April’s Grove

This week, San Juan County confirmed three new Covid cases, two of them on Orcas, bringing the total since March to 36. This news comes as the School District is preparing to welcome students from kindergarten – 2nd grade back to campus next week.

Read the most recent advice from San Juan County on who should get tested. Currently, the County has suspended its rotational testing program, focusing on providing Flu Vaccine Clinics and contact tracing and testing instead. They hope to get back to Covid testing in mid-November.

For essential workers, such as teachers and support staff, access to testing is an issue. If they develop symptoms or believe they have been exposed, they need to be cleared before returning to work. That can take quite a bit of time, both to get the test through local clinics, and then await the results. In addition, many of our workers have high deductible insurance so they are also having to cover the cost of the test. OICF is looking into options to support better access to testing.

As a community, this is a good time to recommit to safe practices to ensure we keep the virus at bay. Wear masks, social distance, wash your hands, and don’t attend or plan gatherings of multiple folks. If we are going to be successful, we all need to be careful.

As of this morning, 69% of registered voters from San Juan County have voted. Keep it up!

All the best,