The beach on the Glenwood Inn property

Summer officially started this week, and this weekend promises to actually FEEL like summer!  So excited!

Today is the day that the Land Bank and San Juan Preservation Trust are set to close on the purchase of the Glenwood Inn property. This purchase will significantly increase public access to the shoreline, as there is over 1800 feet of natural shoreline included in the 58.96 acre parcel.  Currently, only 12% of shoreline on Orcas is open for public access.

I had a great tour of the property this week. It is located on the north shore of Orcas right across from Camp Orkila.  The site includes mixed-forest uplands, and a natural shoreline with prime nearshore habitat for juvenile salmon and forage fish, such as Pacific sand lance and herring, that are critical to salmon recovery. The property will be open for public access once the management plan and site preparation are complete, likely a couple year process, as there is plenty of structure removal and restoration that needs to happen.

The organizations have applied for a Puget Sound Acquisitions and Recovery grant for much of the conservation easement price, and the Preservation Trust will be fundraising to cover the additional costs for preservation and long-term care of the property.  If you would like to learn more, read the press release here, or go to

If you are looking for something to do outdoors this weekend, check out the talk that Historical Museums Director Nancy Stillger will be giving on the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and their impact on Moran State Park.  This will be held at the Summit Tower in Moran from 10-11 on Saturday.

OPAL is hosting a virtual Gala this weekend.  Head to to support affordable housing for Orcas.  And Children’s House is running their annual Mayoral Campaign.  Vote early and vote often at

I hope wherever you do this weekend youhave time in the sun.