Marilyn Anderson’s spirit was alive and roaming on Orcas this month when her legacy gifts were sent to 19 local nonprofits of her selection. The Orcas Island Community Foundation was deeply honored to be included. The OICF Board is working on a plan for the funds that will carry Marilyn’s passion for the Orcas community into the future.

Marilyn’s first gig was learning all the bugle calls for camp so she could earn entry into the Scout’s summer program. That was her style throughout life–look at a situation and figure out how she could engage and enhance. Marilyn was keen on attending to details and thinking through the process, often commenting that “prior planning precludes poor performance.

OICF is planning to dedicate their share of her legacy gift to fund an annual award of $1000 to a local organization that demonstrates excellence in planning and performance. We are developing the criteria on which to base the award. If you are interested in being involved, please let me know.  We will be meeting in the next few weeks to start the process with a goal of making an award later this year.

Marilyn’s love of music carried her through life and to the very end. I want to turn Hank’s old bugle into a trophy to pass with the award. Seems like the perfect fit for that old horn and Marilyn’s sweet memory.

All the best-