Thanks to the contributions and investments made by many friends and neighbors the Orcas Island Community Foundation (OICF) has been recognized for being #4 in the nation for gifts per capita in 2016. OICF also was lauded for being the 19th nationally for distribution rate with over 15% of the foundations assets distributed in grants to support the community. This ranking is based on the Columbus Survey Results, which is open to all community foundations. CF Insights, a national foundation research organization, surveyed 250 community foundations throughout the United States to assess granting and community impact.

These two rankings say a great deal about our community. Orcas Islanders are active with our generosity and provide broad support for the many programs that serve the island. In addition to national recognition, OICF reached a new milestone for the GiveOrcas Annual Grants Campaign, fully funding every vetted proposal for the very first time in OICF’s 20+ year history. This was achieved thanks to the contributions of 273 donors. All in all, $231,000 was distributed to 22 nonprofits.

This year OICF community grants will support social workers at the public school and the Community Resource Center, providing assistance to islanders in need connecting them to available resources. Grants also are providing a generator for the food bank to keep food safe in emergencies, reproductive health services through IRHI, and expanded services at the Senior Center, along with a wide variety of tools and support for many additional programs.

Thank you to all who contribute as donors and volunteers to OICF. OICF celebrates 22 years of serving the Orcas Community, currently holding $13.5 million in 124 funds, including endowments, memorials, and donor advised funds. Having a strong local community foundation is key for creating and maintaining a healthy and vibrant island community. For information on how you can get involved, or if you’d like to see some of the community grant work in action, contact Hilary Canty, Executive Director, at 360-376-6423 or