My heart is full. In fact, my cup runneth over, as I have found myself weeping happy tears on several occasions this week.

The generosity and care of so many people in this community shines bright these days. The GiveOrcas Holiday Catalog has exceeded our expectations.  December 20th was the final day and $80,400 was contributed from 522 individual donors (compared to $47,651 from 331 donors in 2018). That is a significant increase. Fantastic!

Even better is what this support means to this community. The folks who rely on the Cold Weather Shelter can count on heat and lights thanks to a new generator. Families in crisis will have someone to help navigate through the Orcas Community Resource Center. Friends and neighbors who are no longer able to drive do to age, illness, or disability will have access to free transportation through the Door to Door service or someone to visit them thanks to Hearts and Hands.  Every child on Orcas will have access to high quality preschool, afterschool programs, and more music and sports. And our cultural opportunities, such as the Choral Society and the Lit Fest, will continue to grow, and on and on.

By contributing, you ensure that the heart of this community remains strong. Thank you. You really are a bright light and so welcome as we reach Solstice.

Love, Peace, and Joy,

PS. The Animal Protection Society is looking for a laptop that is running Windows 10.  If you are considering an upgrade, they would love your old computer.