Something wonderful just happened! We (YOU!) made it!

We ended the April’s Grove Give Orcas campaign on Monday, July 8th, just $10,000 shy of our $250,000 goal.

The very next morning we received a call from a person saying they were sorry they had been out of town during the campaign and asking if it would still be possible for them to contribute. Kate said “Sure.” The donor asked what was still needed, and when Kate told them $10,000, they said “Alright then.” The next day, they brought in a check for the full $10,000 and we reached the goal. AMAZING!

Altogether over 420 donors contributed to make this possible. April’s Grove is now fully funded and under way. Thank you to everyone who contributed and to Lisa Byers and the OPAL Team for this fantastic opportunity to provide 45 affordable rental town homes for this community.

Thanks also to Noni, our new mayor, for endorsing the April’s Grove campaign as her first official act. Children’s House ran a truly remarkable mayoral campaign this year, raising $108,000, a stunning increase over past years. It could not come at a better time for that organization. To all the candidates and their campaign managers, a huge THANK YOU. It was fun to watch, and your participation was the key to this success.

The generosity of this community continues to delight. Your support is such a great gift.

Have a good weekend.