Happy Solstice! It is wonderful that the winds have died down and the sun has returned.

Today is the final day of the GiveOrcas Holiday Catalog. We have had 356 donors contribute $47,000 in total so far- fantastic support for the many programs serving this community. Thank you to Colleen Smith for being a great Flat Ambassador this year. She was a mighty good sport!

OICF received great national recognition recently in an article focused on our support of affordable housing posted on Inside Philanthropy. (You can read the article here). I believe our efforts locally are helping to expand the role of community foundations across the country. The April’s Grove project remains a high priority for OICF and we will be working with OPAL throughout 2019 to gather the funding needed to complete the project.

The OICF office will be closed on the 24th and 25th.  We will be open the rest of the week and on New Year’s Eve until 2.

Our son Ry is on his way to Orcas for a quick visit and I could not be more excited! It is just the perfect gift for his old Mom! I hope however you celebrate this season, it is jolly and joyful.

All the best-
Cheers from the Staff of OICF!