2019 finished off in a whirlwind here at OICF. Jennifer completed over 60 donor advised grants for year end gifts in the last few days. All in all, OICF distributed a total of $3,191,000 in grants, making for a record year.

When I look around the community, I can see the impact of those grant funds. There is the new track at the High School, the homes being constructed at April’s Grove, the expansion at the Community Resource Center, and the logs being milled for the new structure at Moran State Park. Of equal importance are the less obvious supports–the foot care clinic, Hearts and Hands and Orcas Door to Door ride services for senior and disabled neighbors, social emotional support along with expanded music, science, and art at the schools for our youth, heat for the Cold Weather Shelter, more protein for the Food Bank, and emergency supports for neighbors in need.

So many great programs providing opportunities for Orcas residents, empowered because you care and you contribute. Thank You!

OICF is hosting an Introduction to Board Service on Weds Jan 15th from 9:30-11:30 AM at the Volk Family Meeting Room in the OICF offices. This is a great class if you are considering Board service or are already serving and would like a refresher. There is no fee, but space is limited. Email info@oicf.us to reserve a seat.

Onward into the winter.