As a community, we got great things done in 2018.

We passed the Hospital Taxing District and elected a stellar board of commissioners who have worked diligently to develop a long term sustainable plan for island medical services.  We fed hundreds of families weekly through the Food Bank. We offered dental care to those in need through the Dental Van.  We provided Cold Weather Shelter through the churches, and emergency housing through Safe San Juans. Families moved into homes, thanks to OPAL and OCRC helped keep them there with support when emergencies struck. We passes a REET for more affordable housing. We got seniors and disabled neighbors to and from with Orcas Door to Door, and connected them to services through the Senior Center. We provided needed interventions for youth through the schools and the Funhouse. We made sure every child had access to high quality preschool and provided scholarships for summer camps.  We celebrated in song with the Choral Society and Community Bands.

All this and more was possible thanks to the remarkable citizens of Orcas.

You show up to vote, you volunteer on Boards, and donate both time and money to keep this community moving forward. As a nation, we are dealing with a national shutdown, but locally, we are hard at work, day in and day out to make our community a safe and healthy place to call home.

2019 offers us more opportunities to pitch in and get ‘er done. The April’s Grove Project is high on my list to help get full funding and shovels in the ground.  What is on your list?  I’d love to hear what your wishes for Orcas are in the coming year.

I hope wherever you are this New Year’s Eve, you are surrounded with those you love.

All the best-