One of my neighbors has breast cancer. She was pretty scared when they discovered it. She works as a caregiver, so becoming the one cared for was challenging, but she eventually opened up to the support of many friends. Every other week, a volunteer flies her over to San Juan Island, thanks to Mercy Flight, so she can have her chemo administered at Peace Island Hospital. The folks at the Orcas Community Resource Center have helped her navigate insurance issues and connected her with additional support needed as her income is limited due to her inability to work for now.

Watching the safety net wrap around her has been inspirational. This is why living in a community is so valuable and what makes our work so important. We will likely all experience a health issue or some other challenge sometime in our lives. When it is not our turn to be challenged, we have the opportunity to care for those in need. I am so grateful to live in a place where people give what they can to help each other- that is the true beauty of Orcas.

Thank you for pitching in where you can. It makes a world of difference.

Hope you have a good weekend.