The Canty Clan, aka Blob

Ten days away, by a lake and surrounded by my family (affectionately known as the Blob) has me feeling rested and rejuvenated….and quite lucky. Lucky to have been born into a large family that has managed to maintain connection through the generations. Lucky to feel such a deep sense of belonging and love.

During the pandemic, the Blob has had weekly zooms but those were nowhere near as lovely as being together, sharing meals, and laughing until our cheeks hurt. It is not always easy to be with so many people (feeding 32 at a campsite is a challenge) and we do not always get along.  But we do always manage to stay bonded, holding each other accountable and caring for each other as needed.

The same is true for this community.  We all strive to belong, to find ways to connect, even when we may not entirely appreciate or agree with each other.  It is not always easy.  As we head into the thousand days of August and return to wearing masks, I hope we all maintain our sense of community and caring.  It will serve us well.

Tomorrow is the Hive work party. Plan is to work on sprucing up the Orcas Center and the Healing Arts.  If you are interested in pitching in, please shoot Megan Neal an email.

I will be back in the office next week and would welcome a visit….tea, a walk, or just a few quiet minutes together….with caution now that the Delta variant is among us.  Let me know when you are available.

All the best-