Our balmy January has given way to a frigid February. The temperature dropped just as the Northeastern winds kicked into high gear the weekend of Feb. 2.  For those of us who live on the Eastside of Orcas, Sunday night was scary with flying debris hitting the roof and trees falling throughout the night. Over 20 trees fell across the main road in Moran alone. Power went out, pipes froze and the whine of chainsaws was a constant as neighbors worked to clear the roads. At one of the aid calls, while some of us attended the patient, others hauled wood and stoked the fire. Winter storms can bring out the best in our community.

Today (Feb. 8) we are again awaiting a storm. We woke to a powdered sugar dusting of snow and snow continues to fall. The winds are predicted to return tonight and everyone is at the ready. The grocery store is as busy as a summer weekend. Interestingly, the cold weather shelter that the Community and Episcopal churches support has been open all week, but without clients. It is not clear why, as we know that there are a number of homeless folks on the island, but for whatever reason, they are not availing themselves of the service. It might be time to survey those in need to get a better understanding of what supports would work best.

I hope wherever you are this weekend, you are cozy and warm.

All the best,