It feels like fall was late arriving and over in a blink of an eye, rushed out by winter which showed up unannounced with snow on Tuesday. Another sure sign is the presence of swans on Cascade Lake. Here we go.

This week as we honor Veterans, we have learned of the death of Skylar Gregg who died in combat in Ukraine, where he was serving as a soldier with the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters. Skylar grew up on Orcas attending the Christian School and playing soccer with the Vikings. His loss is a reminder that wars, no matter where they are fought, affect all of humanity. Love to all who are serving, have served, and to all who work to bring peace to this world.

I enjoyed volunteering at the Vaccine Booster Clinic this week at Orcas Center. It was fun to hear from the team, who is contracted to provide the medical side of the clinic, on how much they appreciate Orcas. They love having live music and enjoy the art displays. We really do have a great set up. Thanks to the County, the Orcas Center, and the great musicians who make this possible.

As we head towards the Holidays, there is still an opportunity to get free home Covid test kits. Go here to request yours. Always good to have a few on hand.