The Economic Resiliency project was launched to expand the conversation about how this community could learn and grow through this crisis. We held a multitude of virtual meetings over the last 10 days with over 200 participants who together generated a remarkable compilation of ideas. It was a whirlwind effort, and a welcome time to gather as a community.

The plan is now to work with the steering committee and workgroup to distill those ideas into a number of actionable steps that we can undertake in the coming months that will help us build towards some of the more aspirational goals that were set forth.  In order to do that well, we are taking time to sift and reflect. To that end, we are postponing the next series of community meetings intended to develop action plans to the end of August. I will send out the schedule once it is developed.

One thing we know is that Orcas will do best if we all pull together, supporting each other and our local businesses. It is also very clear from the conversations that isolation is taking its toll. While we continue in Phase 2, please take the time to reach out to your neighbors and friends by phone or distanced visit. These are challenging days for so many and a friendly hello can make all the difference.

Hope you are staying well.