The Tiny House is on the auction block!

This project was the brainchild of Mark Padbury, Brett MacFarland, Jill Sherman, and teachers at Orcas Island High School. They applied for a $30,000 grant in 2016 with a plan to take their woodworking, applied physics, and career and technical training students through the process of designing and building a small home. They started with cardboard and a couple master architecture classes and from that the tiny house was born.

It took two years to go from concept to completing the shell. Over 30 students worked on the building, as well as adults involved in the Economic Development course in carpentry and electrical skills.  The structure is on a trailer and fully wired with a solar electric system. The interior is all set for the owner to layout and finish.

The School District is accepting sealed bids through Weds Oct 10. The minimum bid is $35,000.  Donors who funded the grant with a plan to use the funds raised to finance the next project and sell that to start the cycle again. The perpetual funding is a great concept, but needs a buyer to make it work.  If you are looking for housing, having trouble finding housing for employees, or need a place for guests, this could be your dream!

Bids can be dropped off at the Administration Office by 3 pm on the 10th or you can email Cathy Ferran-

Have a great weekend,