Cascade Lake

OICF remains a very active philanthropic agency.  In 2021, we opened 15 new funds, distributed $2.5 million in grants and received 2,554 donations ranging from $10 to $500,000. Each donation is an investment in building a stronger community, strengthening the social safety net, the arts, education, and our environment.  Each donor makes a difference.

One donation to the GiveOrcas Campaign stands out to me and gives me great hope. A young man came in with his Mom.  They had just been to the bank where he had withdrawn $22 from his savings account.  22 is his favorite number as he was born on the 22nd.  He wanted to donate to the GiveOrcas Campaign.  We read through his options and the Air Hawks request sounded just right to him.  He made his donation, thanked us, and headed home.

I love this.  He is certainly learning the value of giving.  And teaching us how important each gift is, no matter the size.  The act of giving connects us and contributes to the well-being of the whole community.   Thank you to each of you who make donations.  It makes such a difference.

We lost our first County resident as a result of Covid this past week.  So very sad.  There is a vaccination clinic this Sunday at the Orcas Center.  They will be giving first, second and booster shots.  Sign up here.  We are still waiting on test kits.  I do believe Ray’s has a supply to purchase if you need one right away.

I am off for the next 2 weeks for a break.  Stay well-