Hello all. Ed Andrews here. I’m filling in for Hilary while she takes a much deserved break to spend time with family. The last time I did this, I didn’t explain who I was or even give my last name. Well, as a result of that, I caught heat from some of you. I get it. My bad. 

So, here you go. I run Communications at OICF along with whatever else I get tasked with. I termed off of the OICF Board in May of 2021 to become part-time staff. I was so moved by the community when everyone stepped up during the pandemic to do what was needed to keep this place we all love, safe and strong. As a result, I wanted to get more involved. At the end of last year, my wife, Marcela Barrientos and I decided to shut down our graphic design business after 21 years. Since then, I’ve been working full-time for this organization, and in turn this community that I deeply care about. Now that we have that out of the way…

Summers at OICF are a slower time of year for us. That doesn’t mean we aren’t busy, but it does allow us to get away to recharge. With Hilary gone, it gets a bit lonely though. This is why I’m running with a pic of one of my dogs, Henry, a.k.a. Hank, Hen of the Woods, Pony, Pony Muffin Superstar™®. He’s a good boy and has been keeping me company in the office this week.

Back to what keeps us busy, The Foundation is using this time to review, tighten and amend our committee charters, policies, principles and procedures. As we evolve and grow, we need to assure that our guiding documents are in line with where we are heading. That they still serve us with relevance. That they allow us to operate with purpose and efficiency to best serve the community. With that in mind, we have a number of books in our library that discuss the many aspects of managing a well-run nonprofit. You are more than welcome to stop by to borrow the ones that resonate with you. 

Orcas Animal Protection Society (APS) is running a couple of fundraisers to celebrate 20 years of serving the pets on the island. They are running the Salty Dog Treasure Hunt during the month of August. $20 to play with lots of chances to win prizes. Seems no dog is required to participate. Henry takes issue with this, but will allow it this one time. Don’t ask him again,  though. 

The Sea View Theatre will be hosting a Battle of the Bands to support APS on Sunday, August 7th at 6PM. Get your tickets and donate to support our furry friends. Who will be bad enough to reign supreme at the ultimate showdown of sound? 

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.