I saw two numbers that concerned me this week. One was that San Juan County has so far only had 37% of our community complete the census. That puts our County near the bottom of the list Statewide. We can do better! I did not have a census id number (apparently they were not distributed to PO Box holders, so many of you may not have received a number either). I was able to get into the survey by clicking on the tab for those without an id number–simple! Having a full count will help the County qualify for federal programs going forward and provides key support for the islands. If you have yet to complete the form, you can do so here.

The other number was 740. That is the number of ballots that had been returned so far in our election. Yikes! Ballots are due on Tuesday, August 4th. Please take the time to complete and return. We typically are quite good about getting our ballots in–let’s keep that tradition going.

OICF is planning to slow down a bit in August. While we will continue to cover the phones and mail throughout the month, our office will remain closed. I am taking a vacation (sailing in the islands) so will be sending you good thoughts on the sea breeze rather than an update next week. I look forward to returning, refreshed, and recharged mid-month.

I hope you stay well.