March 5th is the deadline for proposals for the 2021 GiveOrcas catalog. Kate Long and Susan Singleton have gathered a great team for this year’s Grants Committee and they will start their reviews and deliberations soon.

This past year has brought a new understanding of the value of the GiveOrcas process. When we headed into the crisis, we did so with nonprofits that were familiar with the wide variety of services each provided and used to collaborating, having participated in over a decade of campaigns together. Donors knew and trusted the online donation portal and the system scaled very well. As a community, we were ready and the response has been truly impressive.

The Spring campaign will be an opportunity to regain some normalcy and to support the work of our nonprofits and programs as they look towards returning to regular business soon. I think we are all ready for that day!

The San Juan County Charter Review Commission (CRC) will be conducting two Town Hall meetings on March 12 (5:30 – 7:30 PM) and March 13 (2:00 – 4:00 PM). These zoom events will provide an opportunity to learn about the work of the Commission and “have your say” early on in this important process–democracy in action at the local level! Zoom links to the upcoming Town Hall meetings can be found here.

Stay well!