Island Market goes full on pumpkin for the season!

The weather this week surely helped us all put summer to bed and face fall head on and bundled up.  Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of Covid and needing to socially distance and keep our masks on. (See the attached most recent update on case counts and booster shots).

For many, the ongoing isolation is overwhelming.  I know for me, connection is key to my mental health.  My work at OICF and my volunteer gig with OIFR gives me the chance to help others, providing me with a sense of purpose and being part of a team.

If you are interested in expanding your connections, there are plenty of nonprofit organizations currently seeking volunteers.  There is a list of current opportunities in this article. Some of these require in-person activities and some do not.  All provide an opportunity to dive deeper into the community.

Opportunities are not just limited to nonprofits.  Plenty of local businesses are still short staffed.  Pulling a shift as a dishwasher or shelf stocker can give you a chance to be part of a team.  It also takes some of the pressure off of the staff who have been working their buns off this summer.

This weekend is the local Farm Tour.  Click on this link for a map and list of activities.  There is also a Makers Tour in Eastsound. Most of these activities are outdoors, so they should be possible to do safely.  Hopefully, the Covid curve continues to drop and we can stop worrying sometime soon.

Until then, stay well-