Hello all,

Ed Andrews here. Filling in this week while Hilary is off to Mexico and Molly is basking in Hawaiʻi. I obviously did not receive the office memo about going on vacation this week. I sense interoffice trickery, but I, and OIPI, can’t seem to prove such nefarious actions. No worries. I have my sweet young man, Henry, with me. He’s a boss at getting things done. Henry is my 13 year old hound mutt. He hails from the streets of Los Barriles, Mexico and loves everyone. Especially if you have a t-r-e-a-t for him. Woof. Woof.

We’re excited to announce that we hired Tera Andaya as part time staff. You may already know Tera as the owner of the Orcas Island Winery. She’s been brought on to run Outreach & Admin for OICF. It’ll include getting our Hive Program back up and running. Hive was started by Megan Neal in early 2020. The program aims to connect the younger generations of locals with one another and with organizations and philanthropic opportunities that fit their interests. We know Tera will work her magic and create a major buzz in the community.

In the fall of 2021, OICF was approached by Robbie Macfarlane. Robbie encouraged us to tell the story of our response to the pandemic, and he gave us a grant to make sure we could enlist Minor Lile, a talented writer, to get the job done. Interviews and research continued through early 2022. The report was written in the spring and fall. OICF designed the report, and you can see the online version here. Robbie is making sure that we also have a small run of printed copies to share. We want to thank Robbie and Minor for making sure this trying moment in time has been documented

“In finding ways to meet the challenge of the time as it arose, the people of Orcas Island can look back with appreciation and ahead with an awareness that they are capable of also meeting the challenges of the future.

We’ve learned about our community’s ability to step up in times of stress. And I just think it has to give us a great sense of accomplishment and confidence that we can do it again if necessary.”

— Minor Lile

GiveOrcas applications are starting to roll in. We have a fully assembled community-based Grants Committee of 14 wonderful individuals. It’s important to OICF that our Grants Committee be a reflection of the community — in all of its manifestations. Each member brings their unique perspective and thoughtfulness to the conversation. We are honored that they will be able to give time, space, and expertise to review, vet, report on, and discuss these proposals to help make Orcas a stronger and more resilient community for everyone.

Now, get out there and enjoy the weekend.