Caring signs outside of the Food Co-op

Just as we were all getting used to seeing each other’s smiles once again, it appears the masks are back in action.  The current Covid case load on Orcas is higher than it has ever been (see attached update from San Juan County).  Many of our local businesses have voluntarily decided to reinstitute indoor mask wearing and it will likely become a County mandate in the next week.

Given this information, we at OICF have decided to postpone our Report to Community Block Party that was scheduled for September 9.  As much as we were looking forward to getting together, we feel it is best to put health and safety first.  Hopefully, a window will open up in the coming months and we can reschedule an event.

We are still one of the few Counties in the nation that has not had a death attributed to Covid.  That is truly a remarkable achievement and made possible because so many folks heeded the precautions and took the vaccine.  Let’s keep it up.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.  Fingers crossed we get some rain!