Beach Haven. What a beautiful start to the season. 

I recently ran across the Columbus Survey results for 2019.  This data is collected from Community Foundations of all sizes across the country.  They look at distribution rates, number of transactions and amount of grant funding per capita to gain a better understanding of how active the foundations are.  As you can see by the results here, OICF remains a very active organization.  (Click through the lists on the upper left side to see each one).

OICF accomplishes all of this with a staff of 4 (of which 3 are part time).  Wowza! Thank you to everyone who contributes and distributes through OICF.  You certainly make a difference for this island.   I am looking forward to seeing the 2020 results!

The Economic Development Committee is running a survey to assess the impact of the ferry challenges on the San Juan Island community.  If you have time, please fill it out here.  Or you can write directly to our representatives and let them know about your experiences.

On a personal note, I am getting to enjoy working from home today as I await test results.  One of my home bubble mates was exposed to a confirmed Covid case this past week.  Until she gets her test results, I am isolating at home.  I suspect it will all work out, but what very odd times these are.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.