Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Economic Recovery and Resilience effort. We received over 40 applications by Friday’s deadline and a few more over the weekend. While the applications so far represent wonderful strong voices, a deep commitment to community, and a broad number of sectors, there is still not sufficient diversity to sufficiently represent the Orcas community. The application pool is heavily weighted towards older folks and we are missing people of color and lower-income folks.

We are, therefore, going to extend the deadline through this Thursday. We will also provide a stipend/scholarship on an as-needed basis. We encourage you to reach out to anyone you think might be a valuable addition. Application information and instructions are below.

While we will be keeping the initial group to a team of 20 or so, it is our intention to include everyone who has applied in the process in some way moving forward.

Again, thank you for your interest and your clear commitment to this community.
So grateful-

Request for Applications
Work Group on Orcas Island Long-term Recovery and Resiliency
Application due date extended to Thursday, June 11, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

Preamble: The Orcas Island community responded swiftly, strategically, and compassionately to the public health threat and economic harm caused by the COVID-19 virus. Together we created a safety net and an information network that enabled islanders to access needed emergency support… After meeting the initial crisis head-on, it is time to focus on recovery and long-term resiliency. Now is the time to make choices that could help shape the future of the island community for decades to come.

Invitation: The advisory group of the Orcas Island Community Foundation’s Community Emergency Response Fund (CERF) is looking for 20 islanders to participate as part of a “recovery and resiliency group” in an intensive six-week planning process.

Goal: To develop an action plan for economic recovery and community resiliency that is bold and aspirational, while also rooted in a shared vision and capabilities.

Process: A steering committee* will convene the Recovery and Resiliency Group of about 20 people who will gather regularly over six to eight weeks in June and July. The group will hold at least one meeting each week via zoom video conferencing, and group members will also be expected to communicate regularly with their networks. The recovery and resiliency group’s meetings will be facilitated by Milenko Mataonvic of the Pomegranate Center. The process will include convenings of broader community-wide gatherings to test ideas and gather input.

Working Group composition: Members of the working group will be individuals who have demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively, who have a track record for getting things done, and who are curious and open to different perspectives. The group will be diverse in ages, balanced by genders, and will have representation from a range of income levels and from Spanish-speaking households. The goal is to have the committee comprised of full-time residents, part-time residents, non-profit organizations, businesses, faith-based organizations, and government; and to have representation from people who work in housing, food, mental health, hospitality, the arts, energy, and education.

NEW: Scholarships now available. If a barrier for your participation is a loss of wages, please tell us on the application.

*Steering Committee members are Hilary Canty, Judy Scott, Kevin Ranker, Lisa Byers, Brian Moss, Berto Gandara, and Erin O’Dell.

Application to be part of the
Orcas Island Long-term Recovery and Resiliency Work Group
Email applications to;
application deadline extended to Thursday, June 11, 2020.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Gender Identity:

Household Income:
___ $50,000 / year or less
___ more than $50,000

Are you in a Spanish-speaking Household?

Are you a resident of Orcas Island? Yes/ No
____ full-time
____ part-time

Do you work for, serve on the board of or use the services of:
___non-profit organization, name: _________________
___business, name: _________________
___faith-based organization, name: _________________
___government, name: _________________

Do you have current connections to organizations or businesses in the following sectors:
___mental health
___the arts
___Other: __________________

Getting this whole group together will be a challenge. Are you able to meet weekly in June and July for a minimum of 3 hours?  Please tell us your limitations or availability.

Please tells us why you want to be part of this group and what you believe you can contribute.