Artwork by OICF Trustee, Susan Singleton

What would be your guess for how many buildings on Orcas are community-owned (meaning owned by a nonprofit, taxing district, or faith based organization)? Ten?  20?

Not long ago, this question was raised and Ed Andrews, OICF’s Communications Manager, mapped out all these structures, winding up with a total of 60! These range from individual buildings, like OICF’s office on Urner Street, to farms like Coffelt.  These represent considerable investment and are likely the biggest assets of many of these organizations.

On March 1st, OICF is offering a webinar to help organizations with planning and managing infrastructure needs.  We will focus on how to assess the health of the structure, set up a maintenance and repair schedule, and establish a long-term plan for paying for upkeep.  This session will be recorded, so let us know if you would like the link.

Also on the 1st, the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau is hosting a Zoom meeting to provide details on their outreach program and hear from community members about any issues or ideas for their efforts.  The meeting for Orcas is at 5:30pm and you can sign up here to register.

The deadline for proposals for OICF’s Spring GiveOrcas Campaign is this coming Friday, March 4th.  If your organization is interested in participating, please reach out to OICF. More information on applying can be found here.  GiveOrcas goes live May 2-16 this year.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.