OICF is kicking off 2019 with a capacity building workshop for local nonprofits. Mazarine Treyz from Wild Woman Fundraising and Leadership will present ‘How to Keep Your Donors’, Thursday, January 17 from 1-5 PM at the Emmanuel Episcopal Hall. Cost is $10 per person; please sign up online here or by calling the OICF Office (376-6423).

Capacity building is one of the less heralded ways in which we undertake OICF’s mission of Improving Quality of Life on Orcas Island Through Philanthropy. We do it with one-on-one consulting, staff and board development, facilitation, meeting space, workshops, and timely grants. Working together, supporting each other, and being aware of the needs of our community, we make a difference. It is a worthy effort.

Our community relies on nonprofits to provide basic services such as housing, healthcare and food and it is difficult to imagine how Orcas could continue to function without them. A prime example is Island Oil Spill Association (IOSA), which recently ran out of steam, and the community was facing the loss of speedy response to local oil spills (mostly due to recreational boating accidents). Fortunately, the community stepped up, with volunteers joining the Board and training as responders. Brendan Cowan of the San Juan County Emergency Response team is also spearheading an advisory team. This critical effort requires the work of many, and is too important to let fade away. If you would like to get involved, read more here.

Keeping the community resilient requires constant attention.

All the best,