I returned from my vacation and jumped directly into our audit. For many folks this might sound like a complete buzz kill, but I actually look forward to the scrutiny. I like the reassurance that oversight brings, knowing that our systems are working, we are compliant with regulations, and all is good (at least in this corner of the world). We alternate a financial review and audit annually. I appreciate the work Jennifer Wallace, our Financial Manager, does to get everything ready for the auditor and, more importantly, in taking such good care of our financials day in and day out. Terry assures us that we are in great shape and will have a draft report in 6 weeks or so.

Hopefully many of you saw the new Community Connections spread in the newspaper. (If you missed it, you can see it on our website here). We plan to gather and publish this information quarterly for this year. We hope it will be a useful way for folks to connect to volunteer opportunities and nonprofits.

If you are on Orcas on March 16, check out the amazing garage sale that the A-OK (school art program) has underway at the school cafeteria. It will be open Sat from 10-3 and there are some fabulous treasures available!

The final count for Give Orcas proposals is 28 requests for $280,000. The Grants Committee review is underway. Busy times!

Hope you have a great weekend.