The Music Advocacy Group (MAG) is one of the stellar organizations in our galaxy of community nonprofits. This weekend they are hosting their annual Spring Concert in the High School gym at 3 pm on Sunday the 3rd. This concert will warm your heart and shine a spotlight on the very best part of living in a small community. If you have not attended one before, the experience is right up there with the 4th of July parade and I highly recommend attending this weekend.

The Founders of MAG- Joyce Burghardt, Marilyn Anderson, Victoria Parker, Ken and Karen Speck, Catherine Pedersen, and Rachel Adams, among others – were deeply dedicated to making music education part of the core curriculum within the public schools. They launched MAG in the late 1990’s and the impact of their efforts is a truly amazing legacy.

Music is part of the curriculum for every grade starting in kindergarten and, in the upper grades, Orchestra, Band and Strings are offered. MAG was instrumental in getting dedicated Music Rooms in the schools and has provided funding every year to support staff salaries, instrument purchases and repairs, and other expenses as they arise. The current MAG Board is deeply dedicated to ensuring the music program remains strong and vibrant. Bravo to all who have contributed over the last 25+ years. What a lovely gift to generations of students.

Bloodworks Northwest returns to Orcas with their Mobile Blood Donation program this coming Wednesday, March 6, at the Orcas Center. There are still plenty of appointments available. You can register here if interested and able.

Hoping you have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you at the concert.