A winter storm can bring out the best in the community. Thanks to all of you who pitched in and supported the community this week. Thank you to the great staff at the Orcas Community Resource Center who kept the doors open, providing warm meals and hot drinks to those in need. Thanks to the OddFellows and the Community Church for providing emergency firewood for neighbors in need. Thanks to the library and the Cold Weather Shelter for ensuring folks had a warm place to be throughout the cold snap. And thanks to Usek and his towing team for rescuing so many who really thought the roads couldn’t be that bad.

I admit, snow days make me giddy. I love the certainty that I am not going anywhere. The day at home holds time to bake, break out a puzzle, haul more fire wood and read one more chapter. But snow days are not quite what they once were. I ended up setting up my Covid Office in our spare bedroom and had 5 meetings via zoom yesterday, as I am guessing many of you did as well. While it is great that work can continue to get done, it is a bit of a buzz kill.

I also experienced a little PTSD being back in my isolation office. I spent 2 years working at that tiny desk, with my peers and coworkers showing up as tiny squares on my monitor. It was a lonely time for us all and I suspect we will continue to feel the effect of such a long stretch of isolation for years to come.

I am deeply grateful that this snow will melt and, come Monday, we will be back in the office.

Stay safe and warm.