Looking back on 2023 fills me with gratitude.

So many of you supported this community and donated through OICF this past year. We ran three GiveOrcas campaigns in 2023- Spring, Pea Patch Match, and Holiday. All in all, over 1000 donors contributed $837,000 to 36 local programs and organizations. OICF facilitated an additional $5.5 Million in grants through Donor Advised Funds, designated grants, and fund distributions. Truly exceptional support of the network of programs serving the island.

Every gift builds a stronger community, supporting the people who provide critical services, keeping Orcas fed, housed, warm, dancing, learning, singing and more. Orcas is stronger, with more opportunities to learn, play, and perform, and we feel more connected when we work together to make an impact.

OICF had a few firsts this year as well. We made our first offer on property, starting the process to purchase the Pea Patch parcel, a dream that is now a reality. We held our first Ice Cream Social in the Spring and hosted the first Winter Solstice Parade this last week, both great events, bringing friends and neighbors, old islanders and new, together to rejoice in the wonder of living in this amazing community.

Thank you. Thanks for caring, for participating, and for contributing. You help make this a great place to call home.

May peace prevail in the New Year.