Each year a generous donor gives the Orcas High School Senior Class $5000 to donate to organizations that have made an impact and to foster philanthropy in our youth. This year, our donor has doubled this gift; the class of 2020 distributed $10,000 through the 2020 Youth Philanthropy program!


Because of COVID-19, there was no grant celebration, the occasion where the seniors usually reveal the exciting announcement of the Youth Philanthropy recipients. Instead, recipients were announced during the virtual June 12th Celebration of Success. You can view the students’ announcements, starting at minute 8:18 on YouTube.


With the help of Civics teacher Phil Comito, the seniors use a selection process and rubric developed by Wylie Kau (part of his senior project several years ago). The 2020 Youth Philanthropy recipients are:
OICF is grateful these young adults have the privilege of participating in this grant process. These students are our future leaders; practicing generosity and kindness, as well as the critical thinking skills provided by traditional coursework, will take them far.