Improvisation when the power goes out


This week brought WEATHER to Orcas. A foot of snow, temperatures in the teens and below, a north wind that created massive drifts, and then a power outage to top it all off, making last night feel very much like the longest night. Fortunately, our house has a wood stove, and Hank and I apparently have enough headlamps to outfit Olga. We had soup in the fridge and made toast on the stove top and worked on our puzzle. It was actually a lovely night.

For those who do not have alternate heating sources, have under insulated homes, or no shelter at all, these days and nights have been scary and dangerous. Thank you to the Orcas Community Church for keeping the Severe Weather Shelter open all day this week. Brian Moss reports that they have hosted 8-10 people each night and are ordering a few more cots and blankets to make room for more. The Orcas Community Resource Center has kept their doors open as well, providing warm drinks and meals to those in need. The Food Bank is open and making sure all food is readily available. The Senior Center has been busy calling all of their Meals on Wheels clients to ensure they are safe. The Lion’s Sunrise Volunteer team is at the ready to make deliveries of food and medicine for folks stuck at home. And to the OPALCO and PSE lineworkers, who are working to keep the power on, thank you. 

This is the true beauty of the Orcas Community. Caring for each other is something we do so well. I am so grateful to call Orcas home. 

I hope you are staying safe and tucked in. Wishing you the joy and peace of these holy days.