The Final Lap

We are down to the last two days of the GiveOrcas campaign. It has been a wild ride.

Over 700 friends and neighbors have donated- a new record for Orcas! So far, $225,000 has been raised, two proposals have been fully funded and another 6 are at 80% or better towards reaching their goal.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!

A special shout out to the three preschools who stepped up for Unique Donor Day. Over 100 preschoolers made donations for the Early Childhood Education Initiative that day- Wowza!- winning the game and our hearts!

We are still hoping to get everyone over the finish line.  This has been the biggest campaign we have ever run, so we will see if we can make it.

If you have not yet contributed, take a look at the opportunities at I hope there is something that sings to you!

Thanks again!