A Draft Site Plan of the Collaborative Project

The due diligence process is ongoing for the potential purchase of the 11 acres off of Pea Patch Lane in Eastsound. We have a pre application meeting scheduled in May with the County Department of Community Development. This should provide a better understanding of the possibilities for developing the property. 

If all goes well, our plan is to create a community campus featuring the Food Bank, the Community Resource Center and affordable rental housing similar to models that are being developed in some larger communities nationwide, as noted in this article. In addition to the Food Bank and Resource Center, there will be community spaces for classes and workshops, gardens and trails around the wetlands- a beautiful campus serving all of Orcas. Will keep you posted on our progress as we continue our due diligence efforts.

We are also gearing up for the GiveOrcas campaign, which launches next Thursday, May 4th. This year, there are 24 great programs represented. Look for the full list in your mailbox next week!

The County is running a survey to assess community priorities for their Public Works projects. They would welcome hearing from you!

Anita Garcia Morales from Racing to Equity, is coming to Orcas to work with the Early Childhood Education sector. We are looking for housing for her and her husband from May 18-21st. If you are interested in hosting, please let me know.

It feels like Spring has finally arrived!