The Fullness of the Season

There comes a time every summer that I feel like life hits Frappe speed- spinning a little out of control. There is a frenetic charge in every store and restaurant, a guessing game at every stop or yield sign, and a constant stream of cyclists, both skilled and novice, that can cause a commute to be a wild ride. Dressing for work when the sidewalks are filled with folks in flip flops and tank tops can make me feel a bit out of sorts. Such is life in paradise. The beauty of the water, the refreshing lakes, and the quiet foggy mornings in the garden help ground my energy. Life is a balance.

Good news from Island Rides Board member Bruce Benton- they have been awarded a grant from the department of transportation to start an electric car share program with OPAL community Land Trust. The grant will provide funding to install EV chargers in the April’s Grove neighborhood and at the OPAL CLT Office and to purchase 2 vehicles. OPAL residents will be able to sign up to share the vehicles as needed. Congratulations to Bruce! He will get us all into EV’s eventually!

I am hoping it will be sooner for me, as I bought my ticket for the The Orcas Historical Society electric vehicle raffle.  The drawing will be mid August and tickets can be purchased at the Museum. My neighbor won last year. Hoping it is my turn this year! 

The Orcas Island Artist Tour launches tonight with a preview Art Opening at the Orcas Center from 5:30-7. You can see a sample of the work from each of the art studios that are on the tour.

Additionally, Emmanuel Episcopal Market Days, an epic rummage sale, is this Saturday from 10-2.  Get there early for your best shot at finding an island treasure.